Hello. I'm the CEO of TPLEX, Yeong-Goog Kim.
Thank you very much for visiting our web site.

Established in 1982, TPLEX, a company which focuses on producing parts and materials, has been producing basic materials and supplying them for the entire industries such as shipbuilding, plants, nuclear power generation, semiconductor equipments, machinery, electronics, cars.

Especially it has been building up trust and reputation faithfully as a stainless steel processing company not only by securing stable supply of raw materials on the basis of a strategic partnership with POSCO Specialty Steel Co., Ltd. but also by realizing "customer satisfaction" with the best quality to the needs of forward industry customers.

It has recorded the black-ink balance for the last twenty consecutive years and has gathered about 800 partners through its stable growth.

It has been trying to maximize the company value through business rationalization and improvement in foreign credibility since it was listed on the Kosdaq in 2009.

And it expanded its business to steel plate processing by establishing steel plate works in Dangjin in 2009 as the first step toward a new change and a bold challenge and in 2011 it also established TPLEX MTECH, a subsidiary company of TPLEX to enter the rare metal business. As a result, it achieved efficient management.

TPLEX will grow to be the country's best stainless steel processing company and try to do its best to maximize shareholder, customer and employee values by expanding its consistent business structure focusing on material business.

Thank you.